Merk: Easton
Model: 302.019

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The BX70 Easton Reflex combines durability and strength together. The Reflex has been constructed with the 7050 aircraft alloy which gives it is durability. The blasting cap on the end of the bat gives your hits even more distance. With the Extended Barrel for maximum hitting area you get a much larger sweetspot. With the cushion gripped handle you get a comfortable grip. The 31/32 inch tapered handle gives you more control of the bat. The Reflex BX70 is a -3 length to weight ratio bat.

Features of the Easton Reflex: BX70 Adult

? -3 Length to Weight Ratio
? 2 5/8 Inch Barrel
? 7050 Aircraft Alloy
? Approved By All Leagues
? Blasting Cap
? Cushioned Grip
? Double Faded, Paint and Clear Coat Finish
? Thin 31/32 Inch Handle With Pro Tech Cushioned Grip