Merk: KR3 Bats
Model: 302.114

Beschikbare opties:


Formerly known as Cooper Bats, a brand used by 30% of Major League Players in the past, KR3 Bats is now endorsed by Roberto Alomar, who is one of the best second basemen ever to play in the Major Leagues.

Covee Sports is proud to announce a partnership with this high-quality and unique brand.
KR3 has vast experience in grading and purchasing high quality wood, turning and finishing bats using ancient hardening processes, and in ultimately making products that out-perform at the highest professional level.
Their solid wood and hard maple bats are used by many MLB players and Covee Sports can now offer the exact same wood and bats!

- Guaranteed better than Maple composite bats.
- Highest density core of Premium Straight Grain 3 Ply Hi-Impact Timber.
- 4 Outer layers of Northern Hickory with Grain Alignment laminated into position to ensure maximum durability.
- Fibre-glass Biaxial Sleeving applied with Rock Resin Epoxy.
- Approved by the European Baseball Confederation for all wood bat leagues.
- Cupped model, -3.

March 1, 2016: Please note that we no longer offer any warranty on this bat or on any other wood bat.