Merk: DeMarini
Model: 303.302

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The Youth League DeMarini Uprising has a ?12 length to weight ratio, and a 2 ¼ inch long barrel.
This bat is significantly more durable than conventional bats with absolutely no compromise in performance.
The DeMarini Uprising uses the new Shock Diffusion Handle that really helps the players step up to the plate with confidence. This technology is a rubberized coating that is designed to decrease the shock felt in players hands at the point of contact.
Another added feature is the Variegated Comfort Grip. This also aids in the sting reduction while maximizing comfort for the player.
The Uprising comes with the long barrel giving it the largest sweet spot available. The Uprising also offers the highest performance alloy barrel for the longest sweet spot of any singlewall barrel. The Uprising is approved for all leagues and youth organizations that allow youth league bats. 


•DX1 Alloy: Delivers perfect balance of high KSI strength and fracture toughness for long lasting performance

•Schock Diffusion Handle (SDH): Exclusive rubberized coating designed to decrease shock felt in a players hand at contact

•Hybrid Performance Grip

•2 1/4'' barrel

19-6-2015: Alleen te gebruiken met safety (zachte) ballen.