Merk: Easton
Model: 302.520

Beschikbare opties:


The BB16ZH is a hybrid of composite and alloy materials, fully balanced, 2-piece bat.
The barrel is composed of Easton’s HMX Hyperlite Matrix Alloy, which is an extremely strong, thin and lightweight material.
Within the barrel, you will find Easton’s Z-Core technology; a band that reinforces the barrel for an expanded sweet spot and responsiveness at contact.

The handle is composed of Easton’s SIC carbon composite. This material is stiff, allowing the barrel to flex and whip when coming through the zone, while reducing vibrations created by the alloy barrel.
Connecting the barrel to the handle is Easton’s CXN connection band. This band is the same one found in previous 2-piece baseball bats from Easton. The CXN band has done such an effective job reducing the vibration from the barrel to the handle that Easton continues to include it on the BB16ZH bat.
Wrapping the handle is Easton’s thin, 1.2mm grip Hyperskin grip, which provides an enhanced feel and comfort at the plate.

With a light swing weight, balanced weight distribution and advanced energy transfer, the BB16ZH is the perfect option for a power or contact hitter. The Z-Core Hybrid combines the traditional feel of an alloy barrel along with the vibration-dampening composite handle to provide hitters an unparalleled experience in the batter’s box.

-3 Length to Weight Ratio.

2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter.

31/32 Inch Tapered Composite Handle.

BBCOR Certified.

ConneXion Technology - Maximizes Energy Transfer and Eliminates Vibration.

HMX (Hyperlite Matrix Alloy) Barrel / SIC Black Carbon Composite Handle.

Hybrid, Two-Piece Construction.

HYPERSKIN Performance Grip.

Lower Swing Weight Index for Balanced Feel.

ZCORE Internal Core Technology - Creates Huge, Expanded Sweet Spot.