Merk: SKLZ
Model: 336.106



The SKLZ Hit-A-Way Portable Training Station is every baseball players delight. It is a truly functional training system that allows you to practice your swinging techniques without having to run after the ball. The baseball swing mechanics employed here are simple and effective, making it suitable for beginners as well. The baseball batting trainer provides up to 500 swings an hour for steady practice.

This baseball training equipment comes in a compact design that allows it to be dismantled, carried, and stored easily. Its sturdy construction enhances durability. So, step up and get ready to give your baseball swing the training it deserves and improve your confidence with this portable training station.

Sklz Hit-A-Way Portable Training Station
  • All-in-one design sets up easily and collapses down for easy carrying and storage
  • Solidly built for rugged, frequent use (35 lbs)
  • Integrated Hit-A-Way now has a shorter cord for better rotation
  • Pole locks into place for safety and stability
  • Perfect for individual or team practice
  • Improve pacing, timing and confidence
  • Develop better swing and stance mechanics
  • Get up to 500 swings per hour without ever chasing a ball
  • Includes 1 Hit-a-Way Baseball